Haryana’s liquor policy now permits consumption of alcohol at work

Recently, the Haryana government has approved the serving of mildly alcoholic beverages at corporate offices under the State’s revised excise policy for the FY 2023-24.


In order to promote a positive work environment, the state government has allowed the consumption of alcohol in corporate offices.

The policy is applicable from 12 June 2023, and will specifically allow the “moderate” consumption of alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine.

To be able to enjoy this new liquor policy there are some criteria that corporate offices need to fulfill. For instance, they need to have more than 5000 employees and the office should cover an area of around one lakh square feet in terms of single premises. The L-10F licence will be granted to corporate offices where the canteen or eatery is spread over a minimum area of 2,000 square feet.

Following government guidelines is obligatory so as to avoid any misconduct due to abuse of alcohol.

To regulate such outcomes appropriate mechanisms and management are required to be ensured by the HR departments.

This unique approach of the state government is aimed at making the workplace environment free and relaxed, and conducive to socialising.

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