‘Have been transparent & fair regarding reducing compensation of freshers’: Wipro

While earlier the freshers were offered a salary of Rs 6.5 lakh per annum, the same was cut owing to the uncertainties of the macro environment, and according to the company, a majority of the freshers are willing to accept the 50 per cent reduced salary


Wipro made headlines because of the way it had reduced the salaries of the freshers, an act that was being labelled as unethical. Meanwhile, the IT services multinational has said that the decision was taken with transparency and fairness. The Company maintains that a majority (90 per cent) of the new hires had accepted to join the company at 50 per cent less salary than was offered to them initially.

The freshers had initially been offered Rs 6.5 lakh per annum. Later, however, considering the fear of recession, the changing macro environment and related uncertainties, Wipro had decided to cut their salaries by half. Though controversial, the move to reduce freshers’ salaries was necessary for Wipro, in response to the needs of the business.

Although the move was considered unethical, the Company has revealed to the media that 92 per cent of the freshers had agreed to join at half the salary that was originally offered. In all likelihood, they had done so to speed up their onboarding process. The freshers clearly focussed on the fact that they would be getting a chance to begin their careers without any more delay and also pick up new skills by doing so. After all, Wipro is known for its learning and development (L&D) programmes and the innovative work it does.

The Company intends to continue hiring throughout the year, as per its requirements.

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