High attrition rate among female IT employees in Karnataka worrisome

Karnataka’s IT minister shares estimates of high attrition rate among women in the tech sector, exceeding the industry average


Priyank Kharge, IT-BT minister, Karnataka, has expressed his apprehensions about the growing attrition rate of women tech employees in the industry. 

In a recent tweet, Kharge drew attention to how more and more women in the IT sector are leaving their jobs. Referring to statistics that have come to light,  he writes how 30 per cent to 40 per cent of women left their jobs since December 2022 which is significantly higher than the average attrition rate in the industry which is 15 per cent.

He also highlighted that overall the number of women in the tech workforce fell by 1 per cent to 1.5 per cent.

From the time companies announced a back to work from the office mandate, this attrition rate has seen a significant increase, specifically for female employees.

There could be various reasons behind the high attrition rate among women. This could be due to the disturbance of work-life balance created, especially during the pandemic, which could be challenging for some. Health and safety concerns might also be another factor. 

The concerns aired by Karnataka’s IT minister shed light on the difficulties faced by women in the tech industry, particularly in the current work environment.

To crunch down this attrition rate, flexible work arrangements and inclusive policies should be implemented. The need of the hour is to encourage and sustain female employees at the workplace.

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