Himachal Government makes formal dress code mandatory for employees


Officials and staff of all govt departments will have to avoid casual attire or risk punishment.

While private companies are relaxing their dress codes to attract and retain talent, the story is different for government officials and employees. Apparently, a government official’s dress commands respect and pride.

The Government of Himanchal Pradesh has issued a mandate to all the government departments in the state to ensure that the officials, employees and staff are dressed properly. Those who fail to follow the instructions will be liable to disciplinary action or punishment.

The chief secretary, V C Pharkha, issued the mandate, which says ‘Government servants should be attired in appropriate, formal, clean, modest and decent clothes in sober colours, which should not look gaudy. Casual and party attire should be strictly avoided during any appearance in courts, and while attending office’.

The advisory also reads ‘An appropriate disciplinary action in the light of conduct rules or terms and conditions of government employee, as the case may be, shall follow against the defaulter. The mannerisms, conduct and dress of a government servant should reflect a sense of decorum, decency, and professionalism’.

This step was taken by the government because recently a junior engineer appeared in the High Court in jeans and checked shirt, at which the court felt offended.

In a court, the judges and the magistrates are dressed in a particular outfit because they are the top executives who provide justice and command respect. The court has framed the rules for dress codes to maintain the dignity and decorum of the court, which all those appearing in a court are also expected to adhere to.

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