HR deducts salary after 3-hour office elevator ordeal

Upon release from the elevator, the individual arrived later for work resulting in him being marked absent from work for the day and eventually a salary deduction


Could you be marked absent and also have your salary deducted if you were stuck in an elevator by no fault of your own? Sounds unfair but that is what an employee reported on Reddit recently.  The said had apparently got into an elevator and was unfortunately stuck due to some technical issue on his way to his office on the seventh floor of a building. He was inside the elevator for a few hours and understandably arrived late for work. By then, he was marked absent for the day. That wasn’t all. He was informed that he would have to forego part of his salary as a penalty.

In the Reddit post, the employee mentions that the elevator had been malfunctioning for some time but he used to get to his office on the seventh floor. The elevator door was prone to getting stuck unexpectedly. He states that despite notifying the relevant department about the issue, the  servicing and maintenance of the same had been neglected.

Since the electricity supply inside the elevator was also disrupted while he was stuck in there, it was quite an ordeal that he had endured for no less than three hours. But once he was rescued and made his way to his office, he received no sympathy. He was marked absent for arriving late, which also led to a subsequent salary deduction.

When he asked for the day off instead, his manager did not approve telling him that they were short staffed. His manager expected him to work even though he had been marked absent for the day.

Reddit users have given the post 500 upvotes and many expect the employer to compensate the employee for the inconvenience caused. Many advise the employee to quit and move on to a better workplace.

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