Humu to use AI to improve employee experience

The start-up will ‘nudge’ employees to perform small actions that will result in great satisfaction in the long run


Humu, a start-up by former Google employees, is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ‘nudge’ and ‘push’ employees to perform small actions that will go a long way in enhancing staff satisfaction and improving team spirit.
It is reported that the start-up will also be using AI-based surveys to help organisations identify changes in behaviour that can affect the happiness and contentment levels of the staff in organisations in a big way. Its nudge engine works on the principle of timely nudges leading to better decision making.

Humu is known to study behavioural traits of leaders and the qualities of great teams, and ‘nudge’ individual employees via mails and text messages, pushing them to perform small deeds/actions that contribute to the bigger goal.

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