Indian Meta employees on H1B visas pressed into urgent job hunt amid layoffs

Laid-off Meta employees with H1B visas must find a new job quickly or risk being sent back to their home country


Meta, a tech company, has recently fired a large number of new employees. They have cut around 6,000 jobs in their latest round of layoffs. This is very sad for those who lost their jobs. However, it has a particularly strong impact on Indians and other non-resident Indians (NRIs) who were working in the United States with an H1B visa. They now have a limited amount of time to find a new job before facing the risk of being sent back to their home country.

H1B visa holders must secure a new job after leaving a company, or they face deportation to their home country. Laid-off employees have a tight deadline of 60 days to find employment or risk leaving the country where they were working.

Many individuals with H1B visas are reaching out to their LinkedIn connections, seeking assistance in finding a job before their visa timeframe expires.

It is a critical situation for these individuals, as their ability to remain and work in their current country is at stake. They are actively leveraging their professional networks to explore new job opportunities and ensure they can continue their careers without disruption.

Kushal Naidu, a former trust & safety program manager at Meta, shared on LinkedIn that he was unfortunately affected by the recent layoffs after an amazing 20-month tenure. Naidu expressed his active pursuit of new prospects in program management, data engineering, and data analytics. As he is currently in the US on an H1B work visa, Naidu emphasised the urgency of securing a job promptly. He reached out to his LinkedIn connections, appealing for their assistance in identifying potential job openings that align with his skills and qualifications.


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