IndiGo rewards employees with salary hike, bonuses

The airline rewards employees for hard work and dedication, as it continues to recover from the pandemic


IndiGo, India’s largest domestic airline, has recently announced a salary hike for its pilots and cabin crew. This comes after the airline posted a remarkable net profit of Rs 3,090 crore in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2023-24, the highest ever in a quarter for the company.

The decision to increase salaries is a significant step for IndiGo employees, considering the challenges they faced during the pandemic. Just three months ago, the airline had already rewarded its crew with a bonus for their performance in the previous quarter. The pandemic had led to the suspension of bonuses since 2020, making this salary hike even more noteworthy.

Having worked hard to regain financial strength and resilience over the past year, the airline is now recognising and appreciating the efforts of its pilots and cabin crew. A performance review is currently underway for nearly 4,500 flight crew members, and the new salaries will be effective from October 1. 

Ashim Mitra, senior vice president of flight operations, IndiGo, emphasised the company’s focus on enhancing employee compensation and benefits. Salaries and allowances have already been reviewed and reinstated to pre-Covid levels, showcasing their support for the workforce during challenging times.

As the aviation industry continues to recover and passenger demand rises, IndiGo is keen on strengthening its human resources. The HR team is diligently working on a new salary structure for the flight crew, aimed at offering competitive and attractive remuneration packages in line with industry standards.

The salary hike is not only recognition of hard work but also a strategic move to ensure employee satisfaction and retention. IndiGo recognises that motivated and well-compensated employees play a vital role in delivering exceptional service and maintaining the airline’s leadership in the industry.

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