German immigration rules to be slackened to attract workers

The strategy will ensure that there are more hands for the smooth functioning of the economy.


Germany is facing a shortage of workers, and is therefore, all set to simplify immigration rules to draw more jobseekers from other countries. The Country will now consider providing the irregular migrants, who are employed and well-integrated, an option to stay in the country.

Realising that Germany was ageing rapidly and at the same time facing an acute shortage of workers, the Government came up with this strategy of easing immigration rules.

After long and serious brainstorming, it was decided that migrants who do not have residency permits, but are waiting to know the status of their asylum applications or their deportation, will be offered the option to stay provided they have a meaningful job.

Non-European job seekers, such as cooks, metallurgy workers or IT technicians are also free to enter Germany and try their luck at finding a job, as long as they are able to speak German. While they will be allowed to hunt for jobs, they will not be given any social security cover, and will have to give proof of their financial ability to sustain themselves in the Country.

Since it is clear that resources from the European Union alone — with its population of 500 million — will not be enough to keep the German economy functioning smoothly, the Country will have to rely on workers from other countries, especially the developing nations.

However, the Government is clear that the new immigration rules, if they are approved and become law, will not permit rejected asylum applicants to achieve German residency by switching to migrant-employee status.

The strategy is expected to offer a practical solution to those migrants who have been in Germany for a prolonged period and cannot be deported due to risk of mistreatment in their home country. A formal list of criteria will be created for such cases.

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