Minimum wages hiked in Bihar for 6 months

Considering the inflation, the minimum wages have been revised under the Minimum Wage Act, 1948 and will apply to 69 scheduled jobs in the private and public sectors of Bihar


Skilled as well as unskilled workers in the state of Bihar will now get increased minimum wages for six months, starting immediately. The minimum wages are revised every six months.

The minimum wage has been revised under the Minimum Wage Act, 1948, to help labourers amidst the pandemic. Come September, and there will be another revision, taking into consideration the inflation.

A sum of Rs 446 crore was released to implement this hike. Following this increment, semi-skilled workers will be paid Rs 316 per day instead of Rs 304; skilled workers will receive Rs 385 instead of Rs 370 and unskilled workers will earn Rs 304 instead of Rs 292. The highly skilled labourers will earn Rs 470 per day instead of the earlier Rs 451.

This increment in minimum wage will be applicable to 69 schedule job wings both in both private and public sectors of Bihar. With over 19 lakh labourers registered in the state, this hike is going to benefit many.

Already more than 14 lakh workers have got their Aadhar cards linked, while the rest are being processed. The Bihar government will also be paying Rs 3,000 a year towards the healthcare of the workers. The amount will be deposited into their accounts post linking of Aadhar.

Skill mapping of labourers across categories is about to begin across the state. This will also determine how many labourers from outside the state exist in Bihar.

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