Registration of food delivery boys mandatory: Maharashtra FDA

This new rule will ensure food and consumer safety to some extent.


Delivery boys working for online food-delivery organisations in the state of Maharashtra will now have to be registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This rule has been enforced to help FDA obtain key information about these boys and their health condition.

The registration will cost these boys Rs 100, and will have a year’s validity. They will also be required to carry the registration with them while on duty.

Not long ago, the FDA had suspended the licences of many eateries listed with online food-delivery portals, as they were found to be operating in unhygienic conditions. With this mandatory registration of delivery boys, there will be some control, as the FDA can ask to examine their records at any time. This will also ensure that consumers are not exposed to any kind of disease owing to handling by unhealthy people.

As per current food safety rules, all these outlets are required to conduct routine health checkups of those handling food in their outlets. Such rules ensure that there is no chance of spreading diseases, such as diarrhoea, viral gastroenteritis, or even bacterial and viral infections. However, not all outlets follow these rules religiously. Zomato is reported to offer life and health insurance to all its delivery boys. It is also planning to hold regular health camps to get all its workers checked up.

The move by FDA in Maharashtra to get delivery boys registered will be one very small but positive step towards ensuring food safety and consumer safety in the country.

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