Is EPFO demanding too many documents for claim of higher pension?

Will this keep employees from claiming higher pension?


With the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) requiring pensioners to submit several documents and proofs in order to claim higher pension, it is believed that employees may be discouraged from claiming the benefit.

The employees claiming higher pension need to upload the option exercised by them under paragraph 26.6 of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) scheme. Not all pensioners will have a copy of the option in their possession. And unless they submit this option (upload) the system will not accept the remaining documents.

Those employees who have already withdrawn the provident fund in the form of loans to pay medical bills or to build / purchase a house will find it challenging to calculate / settle the additional contribution they need to make to the PF.

Among the documents required to be submitted are: proof of joint option under Para 26(6) of the EPF scheme verified by the employer; proof of joint option under the provision to erstwhile para 11(3) verified by the employer; proof of remittance in PF on higher wages beyond the wage limit of Rs.5,000/6,500/-; proof of remittance in the pension fund on higher wages in excess of the prevailing wage cap of Rs 5,000/Rs 6,500/- if any and also a refusal in writing of APFC or any other higher authority of EPFO to such requests /remittance.

While employees who are still in service may be able to furnish these documents by sourcing it from their employers, those who have retired may find it tough to furnish all the documents. Even employees who have switched jobs multiple times will find it difficult to furnish these documents.

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