Java, JavaScript, SQL developers in demand: Report

In addition to back-end and full-stack, DevOps has come to be one of the hottest and in-demand roles


Today, Java, JavaScript and SQL developers continue to be the most in demand thanks to these languages being increasingly adopted by many organisations, says Mercer|Mettl’s Tech Skills and Trends Report 2022.

The demand for full-stack talent is also on the rise. Highly skilled talent capable of working on front-end and back-end technologies are sought after in product-led companies and startups, where innovative products are created.

Yet another sought-after role is that of DevOps, primarily due to the emphasis on network security becoming stronger. The adoption of cloud systems and agile methodologies is increasing with each passing day, for which DevOps is a must have.

After technology, the most in-demand role is that of a data scientist, and the most sought-after language in data science is Python. Hadoop remains popular too and widely used.

In the finance and banking space, data and network security skills are in high demand. Thanks to the move towards data analytics, the demand for data managers, data analysts and DevOps has also risen.

As per data, JS, HTML and CSS continue to attract maximum attention. In the 2019-2021 period, Angular, jQuery, React and Bootstrap are the tools that have become most popular, and this trend is expected to continue.

As far as back-end skills are concerned, the ones that have been finding success are Java, C# and .NET frameworks. Over the last three years, however, the maximum gain has been for Python, REST APIs, Spring and Hibernate.

Mercer | Mettl’s skills trend analysis shows that JavaScript is the most prevalent language across industries.

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