Job app, Apna, gets funding of $8 million

The app generated more than a million job interviews for painters, sales personnel and carpenters last month


Apna app, a startup by Nirmit Parikh, helps blue-collar workers find jobs. It is a convenient way to search for employment, for those who do not speak English. All a job seeker needs to do is enter his or her name, age and skills so that a business card is generated. This virtual card is shared with employers who may want to hire them. The app, which already has about 1.2 million users, has now received a funding of $8 million from Greenoaks Capital, Rocketship VC, Lightspeed India and Sequoia Capital. With this capital, the app will expand and reach out to more cities. It will also work towards helping more professionals, such as nurses, accountants and customer- service personnel to find suitable jobs.

Right now, the app, which was launched in February, is functional in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune, and has reportedly generated more than one million job interviews for painters, carpenters and sales personnel in the last one month. Its user base is growing in leaps and bounds and big names, such as BigBasket, HDFC Bank and Amazon have successfully hired people via Apna.

Available in Hindi and Kannada, the app is a boon for the more than 250 million blue-collared and low-skilled workers who do not carry resumes.

While the app is not generating any revenue as yet, the founder hopes to charge employers or companies for arranging interviews in the future. He also plans to offer low-cost courses to impart skills and English-speaking courses.

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