Karnataka to keep shops, businesses open 24×7, to generate jobs

This rule will be applicable till 2023, and women will be allowed to do night shifts only with their consent and with proper safety protocols in place


Government of Karnataka has decided that for the next three years it will allow all shops and commercial establishments to remain open 24×7 all the year round, provided they employ at least ten people. The move is expected to help improve the economy and provide jobs to people.

In addition, the state government has directed that working hours for the employees should not be more than eight hours. In case extra work is required to be done, employees should be compensated for the same and not be made to work for more than ten hours in a day or 48 hours in a week. In case of any violation of this rule, the employer will have to face penalty and action as per the Karnataka Shops and Establishments Act, and Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Rules.

Women can only be allowed to work overtime, between 8 a.m. to 6 a.m., if they themselves consent to the same. Also, it will be their employers’ duty to ensure their safety at all times. The women working in shifts will have to be provided transport facility. Care will have to be taken to provide them with proper restrooms, lockers and other basic facilities.

All wages of the workers, along with their overtime wages will be deposited in their savings bank accounts, as stated under the Payment of Wages Act.

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