Kerala’s Social Justice Department to skill transgender people

The Sakalyam project will help transgender people be self-employed and earn an income


The Sakalyam project launched by the Social Justice Department of Kerala is aimed at providing skills to transgender people so that they are able to be self-employed and earn an income.

The project will be implemented across the state under the aegis of the Kerala Youth Leadership Academy (KYLA), chaired by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Earlier, the Department had rolled out the Saphalam scheme for the transgender community to help them take up professional courses.

Sakalyam, on the other hand, endeavours to skill transgender people in the areas of their interest. The Department of Social Justice believes that this skill training will help them earn a livelihood and also be accepted by the society.

Interested transgender people can opt to join any course, irrespective of their qualifications or educational background. About ten people from the transgender community will be selected for the course from each district.

All the trainees will be paid a stipend so that they can purchase the material required.

Elsewhere in India, the Governor of Jharkhand has assured that jobs will be reserved for members of the transgender community in state government jobs.

In Tamil Nadu, the chief minister has assured that the state government will come up with a policy to improve the standard of living of transgenders of Tamil Nadu.

A month ago, the Karnataka government decided to hire members from the transgender community for the post of primary school teachers.

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