Ludhiana contractual workers go on strike 

The protesters insisted on equal pay for all employees, irrespective of their job categories, emphasising the need for fairness and equity


Contractual workers held a demonstration today outside the PUNBUS and PRTC depots in Ludhiana, urging the authorities to regularise their employment status. The protesters expressed their disappointment with the state government’s failure to address their demands so far. 

Satnam Singh, the local depot president representing the union of contractual employees, emphasised the need for the prompt regularisation of jobs for all contractual workers in both PUNBUS and PRTC. He also called for the removal of the concerned contractor to preserve GST funds. 

The protesters’ demand was the implementation of an equal work and equal wages system for all categories of employees. They firmly believed that each worker should be compensated fairly and equitably for their contributions, regardless of their employment status. With unwavering determination, they called upon the Punjab government to increase employee salaries by 5 per cent and establish a unified wage structure that would foster a sense of equality and harmony in the workplace.

Moreover, the demonstrators believed that the government should pay heed to the region’s transportation needs and efficiently manage at least 10,000 government buses. This move, they argued, would not only improve the overall public transport system but also generate more job opportunities, helping to alleviate unemployment concerns in the region.

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