Meta’s November layoffs extend to additional divisions

The latest round of job cuts at Meta is occurring during what Mark Zuckerberg has termed the "year of efficiency"


Meta is expected to carry out a significant round of layoffs this week, as a part of its previously announced layoffs. The tech giant, across three rounds of layoffs, has already reduced its workforce by approximately 25,000 employees.

The initial round of layoffs began in November 2022, resulting in 11,000 employees being laid off. Subsequently, the company proceeded to lay off an additional 10,000 workers in March, followed by another 4,000 workers in April.

The upcoming spree is said to primarily impact the company’s partnerships and marketing divisions. Many media reports have also cited Nick Clegg, president of global affairs, Meta, confirming the impending changes in a company-wide conference.

As per the reports, Clegg stated that the upcoming layoff round is the third wave of job cuts at the tech giant, which was scheduled for late May. He also stated that business teams, including his own organisation will be majorly affected by it.

Clegg expressed his admiration for the resilience and professionalism displayed by everyone, acknowledging the challenges posed by the uncertainty.

The current round of layoffs at Meta is occurring during what Mark Zuckerberg has termed the “year of efficiency.” During the meeting, Clegg also stated that the process for this round of job reductions would mirror the approach employed for the 4,000 job cuts in the tech department back in April.

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