Minimum wage revision amidst legal dispute ordered by Telangana HC

Chief Justice Alok Aradhe & Justice NV Shravan Kumar of a high court division bench addressed a PIL concerning unpaid minimum wage rates in 73 scheduled employments.


A legal matter was brought before a division bench of the High Court, presided over by Chief Justice Alok Aradhe and Justice NV Shravan Kumar, following a public interest litigation (PIL) related to concerns surrounding the non-payment of the updated minimum wage rates. The PIL specifically addressed issues pertaining to 73 scheduled employments.  

In the court proceedings, the government’s legal representative clarified that the government orders were under review due to objections from various industries and establishments. 

This situation originates from a significant Telangana High Court directive, instructing the state government to revise minimum wage rates in accordance with the 1948 Minimum Wages Act. The Court has mandated that the updated rates be officially published in a government gazette within six weeks.

During the court proceedings, Chikkudu Prabhakar, who served as counsel for the petitioner, argued that despite the state government’s issuance of five government orders on 25 and 30 June, 2021, with the intention of establishing revised minimum wage rates, these revisions had yet to be officially ratified and implemented. However, the government’s legal counsel drew the Court’s attention to the fact that the government orders remained under review due to the objections raised by various industries and establishments, thus leading to the current state of affairs.

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