Mr. Right launches ‘Elite Fleet’ pilot programme with mobile app


Residents of Delhi NCR will soon have access to top-notch home repair-related services at their fingertips. In an attempt to standardise the unstructured local home-services marketplace, Mr. Right, a home service aggregator, is all set to launch a pilot programme.

The programme, ’Elite Fleet’, which is being called a game changer, functions in a unique way. It is automatically alerted about customer cases in real-time via a pro-facing mobile application, specially built for home-service professionals. As soon as a customer books a repair or service case with Mr. Right, the notification is automatically sent over to the professionals without any manual intervention or tele-conversation with a customer service executive. Currently, customers can book a case with Mr. Right via their mobile app or by visiting their website.

The programme, which will be operational in the next few weeks, contains an exclusive network of home-service professionals to cater to a wide range of customer needs, divided into categories like cleaning, car wash, computers, appliances, carpentry, plumbing and electrical works. Customers may also choose a time as per their convenience. They also have the flexibility to select a date for future appointments.

Talking about the key challenges that the programme faced, from the time of its inception, Mayank Agrawal, co-founder and head of operations at Mr.Right, said, “We have done a lot of ground research and put in countless hours to understand the real challenges of both customers and service professionals alike, when booking a case. There was a lot of friction between a customer booking a case and the professional getting notified about the job. With our Mr. Right Pro app, case assignments will be automated (when booked using Mr. Right customer app) and no manual intervention or telecalling will be required to assign a pro for a booked case.”

Finding a solution to automatically assign pros was the greatest hurdle it faced in streamlining the whole cycle. Calling up pros over the phone did not work as it slowed down the entire process. It wasted a lot of time and also negatively affected the operations team’s productivity and efficiency.

“Now that cases will be assigned automatically, our operations team can focus on quality service and spend more time coordinating with pros on how to enhance customer experience,” the official communique stated.

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