National Geographic’s new film to show importance of skilled labour

The film ‘India’s Mega Workforce’ will premiere on June 1, at 8 pm on National Geographic.


India is expected to have the largest young workforce in the world by 2020. The Indian economy needs to gear up to create a milieu where this workforce has access to inclusive infrastructure such as banks, schools, roads.

Moreover, they expect a functional government that is able deliver jobs. Keeping green economy at the helm of a desirable future, National Geographic will be premiering India’s Mega Workforce, a documentary, which accentuates the need of skilled labour for a prosperous economy in India.

With the help of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), National Geographic deep dives into the demographic transition of India. The film also underlines the need to develop skills within this workforce, which will cater to the nation’s sustainability goals and ensure economic growth, at an individual level as well as for the benefit of the nation’s GDP.

The film which is about an hour will bring to the forefront stories of people who are changing the paradigm, at a time when machines are taking over human labour and traditional jobs.

In addition, the documentary tells an awe-inspiring story of individuals who are building skills for themselves and creating new possibilities for generations ahead to lead the nation towards an affluent economy.

Speaking to HRKatha about the film, Gayatri Yadav, President & Head-Consumer Strategy and Innovation, Star India says, “National Geographic is synonymous with delivering impactful and compelling stories across all consumer touch points. In line with our philosophy, we aim to educate the world about the dire need of required skillsets amongst youngsters for a flourishing economy. Through this film, the viewers will be provided with a balanced view on the topic – presenting all possible facets of the subject, the impact of technological advancements and the need to prepare our workforce for the new technology age.”

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