New guidelines for deputation of employees in Ladakh

Eligibility, suitability and interests of the government will be given priority, while keeping in mind the convenience of the employees


The administration on December 01 has issued new guidelines for deputation of government employees to the Ladakh region.

All concerned departments and HoDs and controlling offices shall maintain a database of all deputed employees with details of their period of deputation and service in Ladakh region.

While deputing a government employee in Ladakh region, the eligibility and suitability coupled with the interests of the administration would be given utmost priority. Employees deputed in the region of Union Territory of J & K shall be posted at or around the district/ subdivisional headquarters of Leh/ Kargil districts.

The new guidelines say that proposals for repatriation of any employee deputed in J & K region shall be submitted for approval to the General Administration Department as per the provisions of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019.

The new guidelines also shed light on the calendar of employment. Teachers can only be deputed in the J & K region in the first month of every financial year, i.e April. However, in exceptional cases, the transfers of the teaching staff may be considered at the close of an academic session or during the academic session, in consultation with the administration of the Union Territory of Ladakh.

An employee, whose deputation to the Union Territory of Ladakh has been issued needs to be immediately released from his current duties as per the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Service Regulations. No employee can be repatriated from the Union Territory of Ladakh until there is a replacement available.

Guidelines on tenure of the deputed employees are also mentioned. An employee is deputed in the Union Territory of Ladakh for two years. Moreover, an employee who has completed his prescribed term of two years shall not be deputed for a second term. However, in case of non-availability of a suitable substitute and in case of the specific request made by the Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh, an employee may be considered for deputation for another term, in the interest of the administration, states the guidelines.

An employee whose residual service is less than two years shall not be deputed. As an exception, if a specific request is made by the administration of the Union Territory of Ladakh, officers having less than two years residual service may be considered for deputation to Ladakh.

No physically challenged employee shall be deputed to Ladakh.

In order to enable the settlement of pension cases, employees deputed to Ladakh, who have less than six months of residual service, shall be repatriated to Jammu and Kashmir at least three months prior to their date of superannuation. The employees of Jammu and Kashmir deputed to Ladakh shall be eligible for incentives, as may be made available to them in Ladakh.

If any questions arise relating to the interpretation or implementation of these guidelines, the matter shall be referred to the General Administration Department for a decision thereon which shall be final.

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