Nike staff share racial-discrimination stories on anonymous Instagram page

The account presently boasts of 7,500 followers, since its first post on June 24.


Many current and former employees of the footwear giant, Nike, are currently opening up about their personal encounters with racial discrimination at the Company.

An Instagram account with the handle ‘Black at Nike’ was created on June 24, and soon after it was filled with messages from anonymous employees of Nike, revealing their experiences as employees and victims of discrimination. The account presently boasts of 7,500 followers.

According to the creators, this account was meant for the current and former Nike employees to share their racism-related experiences within the Organisation, through an anonymous google form.  The aim was to escalate the Black issues and voices.

At a time when Black employees of tech giants, such as Pinterest and Facebook have alleged racial discrimination, this platform is also giving a chance to victims to open up and be heard.

As per a statement given to Business Insider, a representative of the Instagram account has spilled the beans on the Company’s behaviour towards the Black members of its workforce. Most of them have refrained from raising their voices for fear of repercussions, and have thus ended up suffering in silence. This account will be a medium for such employees to speak up and share their stories.

In the last few months, Adidas, Under Armour and Nike have all all acknowledged their failure to ensure diversity and inclusion at the workplace.


  1. I just applied for a job at Nike that perfectly matched my professional qualifications as well as experience. I immediately got an auto responder that my resume was reviewed and I was not selected. Definitely it is a racist organization with extreme racism coded into their automation systems. Someone needs to audit their systems with a focus on racist flags that they have coded.

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