NMC withholds salaries of 250 unvaccinated employees

Salaries of staff of Nagpur Municipal Corporation, for the month of November, will only be credited once they produce vaccination certification


In a bid to enforce a stricter vaccination mandate, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will withhold the November salaries of about 250 of its staff who haven’t received the second vaccination as of yet.

Reportedly, 99 per cent of the 10,582-strong workforce is vaccinated. About 32 per cent of the remaining staff, with some medical conditions or women who are pregnant remain unvaccinated.

The move was implemented a couple of days after informing the employees that salaries of those who haven’t received their second jab will be held back. The salaries of the concerned 250 employees will only be released if and when they produce their vaccination certificates proving that they have received both their vaccine doses.

Nagpur District Collector Vimla R and the NMC had issued a circular mandating vaccination for people employed with any government establishment in Nagpur. The circular clearly stated that full vaccination would be required to even enter any government establishment.

Employees have been encouraged to take the jab emphasising the fact that soon the vaccines may not be available free of cost.

Till date, the NMC has administered the vaccine to over 15,000 people via its door-to-door vaccination campaign. The medical workers who were working on this campaign visited about 85,000 houses and actually found a significant 8,900 unvaccinated people.

Even the Thane Municipal Corporation has issued a similar mandate wherein employees who do not submit their vaccination certificates will not receive their salaries.

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