Non-teaching workers in Haryana demand  job security and fair compensation  

These group D workers issued a deadline to the government, threatening strike and sit-in protest if demands not met


Mid-day meal workers of government schools and other non-teaching contractual-based employees in Haryana are not satisfied with their current working conditions. They are strongly raising their issues and demands with the authorities.

These workers feel insecure about their job and face some issues that are not being addressed by the government. These workers include  non-teaching staff such as sweepers, guards, cleaners, mid-day meal cooks, etc. 

There are three major demands which they want the government to address. First is that they want to be recognised as government employees to ensure job security. Second, they  want to be paid for the entire year instead of just the months have they worked. Lastly, they want compensation or refund for the expenses they incurred in purchasing or maintaining  uniforms mandated for their job.

These workers protested across the state when their wages were not paid for the services they provided from November 2022 to April 2023 and soon after, in May 2023, the government cleared all pending dues.

A group of these workers also met Kanwar Pal Gujjar, minister of school education, Haryana, to put forward their demands. Other D group employees also protested on the streets of Haryana’s Rewari.

The non-teaching staff issued a deadline to the government to decide by Tuesday else they would go on strike and stage a sit-in protest.

Gujjar said that there will be a meeting at the directorate of education on Tuesday to address the problems faced by the Group D employees.

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