Opportunities for blockchain experts at Google Cloud

These experts will be part of Google’s cloud division, which is creating a special team to focus on building blockchain apps


The cloud division of Google is putting together a team of blockchain experts who can help create blockchain applications. The tech major is actively hiring for this team along with its team expansions in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Gurugram.

Recently, Google announced that it is launching an office in Pune, which will focus on building advanced enterprise cloud technologies working closely with engineering teams worldwide. The new office will also offer technical advice in real time as well as expertise in product and implementation. This is part of the recent investments by Google Cloud in India, with the objective of pushing customer growth and catering to all kinds of organisations, small and big. The division wishes to grow in other industries, including healthcare and retail.

In addition to various exchanges, Google Cloud already has Hedera, Theta Labs and Dapper Labs and other blockchain firms as part of its clients list. The division is looking at ways to offer direct services to developers in the field of blockchain.

India has two Google Cloud regions already in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Under its Cloud Skills Boost initiative, about five months ago, Google Cloud had revealed that it would train over 40 million new hires worldwide, on Google Cloud skills.

It is the availability of relevant talent in India that makes the country ideal for Google Cloud to invest in, in terms of cloud infra and also expand operations.

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