Qantas revolutionises employee dress code: flats, makeup, and hair freedom

Qantas breaks stereotypes with new grooming rules! Flats, makeup choice, and hair freedom for all employees, embracing diversity and inclusion


Australian airline Qantas has unveiled a ground-breaking set of guidelines aimed at reshaping employee grooming practices. In a move that challenges traditional norms, Qantas staff, including cabin crew members, are now permitted to choose flats over high heels, wear makeup regardless of their gender, and grow their hair as long as they desire, as long as it is styled in a ponytail or a bun.

This change comes as part of Qantas’ commitment to modernising its policies in line with evolving customer expectations and employee feedback, according to a representative from the airline. The update seeks to maintain uniformity while allowing employees to adapt their attire to suit their individual preferences.

Notably, these guidelines extend beyond Qantas to encompass the company’s low-cost subsidiary, Jetstar, signalling a company-wide commitment to inclusivity and flexibility.

The decision to introduce these sweeping changes was primarily driven by labour unions, which called for the elimination of outdated requirements, such as obligating female staff members to wear makeup. Responding to these concerns, Qantas acknowledged the need to evolve alongside shifting fashion trends, emphasising the importance of staying in touch with contemporary style guidelines.

Under the new regulations, diamond earrings are now permitted, and strict rules dictating watch size and style have been abandoned. Moreover, employees are given the freedom to decide whether or not to wear makeup, although tattoos must still be concealed.

However, crew members who opt for dresses or skirts will still be required to wear hosiery, maintaining a professional standard in line with industry practices.

Qantas’ progressive stance aims to create a more comfortable and practical uniform experience for its diverse workforce, accommodating individuals of various body types and cultural backgrounds.

As the airline industry strives to adapt to societal shifts and promote inclusivity, Qantas has taken a significant step forward by embracing diversity in grooming and styling. By challenging conventional expectations and creating a more inclusive work environment, Qantas seeks to foster greater satisfaction and contentment among its employees, aligning with the changing landscape of modern society.

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