Railway staff to protest non-payment of dress allowance

The allowance was recommended by the 7th Pay Commission, for all those workers who are required to wear uniforms regularly.


Railway employees expressed their displeasure at a standing committee meeting of the Northern Railway Men’s Union Delhi unit, over the non-payment of dress allowance even though it was recommended by the pay panel. This allowance was denied to them last year as well.

The dress allowance was to cover all uniform-related expenses, including shoes, of the Indian Railways staff, who were required to wear uniforms regularly. The rate fixed for station masters of the Indian Railways was Rs 10,000/- a year, whereas for the trackmen, runners, staff car drivers, and so on, it was fixed at Rs 5,000/- a year.

This dress allowance as per the pay panel was supposed to cover expenses related to maintenance and washing of uniforms. This annual allowance was to be credited to the employees’ salary in July. It would not cover expenses, such as special clothing, such as the fluorescent attire worn by trackmen.

As per the 7th Pay Commission, the dress allowance would go up by 25 per cent every time dearness allowance rises by 50 per cent.

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