Recruitment guidelines for Anganwadi workers and helpers revealed

Anganwadiworkers (AWW) and Anganwadi helpers (AWHs) will be recruited from the local village, provided they have passed matriculation and are between the ages of 18 and 35


While no proposal has been taken into consideration for increment in the salaries of Anganwadi Workers, guidelines for their recruitment were presented in the Lok Sabha.

Under the Anganwadi Services Scheme, the selection of Anganwadi Workers is done from the local village by a Committee, which has members of the administration of the state government/ Union Territory as part of it.

The candidates have to have at least passed the matriculation exam. To be appointed as Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) and Anganwadi Helpers (AWHs), the candidates cannot be less than 18 years old or more than 35 years old.

Additionally, the states and union territories pay for the monetary incentives or honorariums paid to AWWs and AWHs fom their own state-level budgets and resources.

The monthly honorarium for these honorary workers is fixed by the Government at regular intervals, and remains uniform across all states and Union Territories.

As disclosed by Union Minister of Women and Child Development Smriti Zubin Irani in the Rajya Sabha, the AWWs associated with the primary Anganwadi centres or AWCs receive a monthly honorarium of Rs 4,500, while those associated with the mini AWCs earn Rs 3,500 per month. The AWHs are paid Rs 2,250 per month. Additional, AWHs received a performance-linked incentive of Rs 250/- per month, while the AWWs receive Rs 500/- per month.

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