Rejected for green hair: A Reddit revelation

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A recent post on Reddit highlighted a discriminatory incident following a seemingly successful job interview. Being confident of their performance, the candidate anticipated confirmation of their assistant manager position, only to be rejected for a reason that struck many as absurd.

The individual, who interviewed for an assistant manager role at a Nothing Bundt Cakes store in February, expressed confidence in their abilities, backed by years of management experience. Even the hiring manager acknowledged their exceptional qualifications, raising expectations for future candidates. However, despite positive feedback, the candidate was left in limbo without communication from the employer. Growing weary of waiting, the candidate reached out for an update.

It turned out that the store owner objected to the candidate’s green hair, citing it as the decisive factor in their decision. This revelation left the candidate disillusioned. Clearly professional capabilities and accomplishments had been overshadowed by superficial concerns and physical appearance.

Frustrated by the employer’s narrow-mindedness and sheer disregard for potential, the candidate vented his grievances. He lamented the antiquated mindset of business owners who prioritise appearance over merit, denying opportunities to individuals with alternative styles and then lamenting about labour shortages.

The sentiment resonated with many on the platform, with users sharing similar experiences and criticisms of corporate attitudes. One user pointed out the paradox of corporations prioritising conservative appearances to appease a demographic that may not represent their primary customer base.

Another shared their frustration with concealing tattoos for interviews, only to face surprise or disapproval afterward. Yet another recounted facing backlash for hair colour in an environment known for whimsical branding.

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