Riyadh Air to hire 700 pilots as it prepares to launch

New national airline of Saudi Arabia seeks experienced pilots to operate its initial fleet of 39 aircraft


Riyadh Air, the new national airline of Saudi Arabia, plans to hire 700 pilots as it prepares to launch its operations. The airline is specifically looking for pilots who have previously received training on the Boeing 787-9 and 777 aircraft models.

The interview process for pilot positions is scheduled to begin in September 2023, and the chosen candidates will officially join the team in January 2024. Over the next three years, Riyadh Air aims to carefully select and recruit 700 skilled pilots who will play a vital role in operating their initial fleet of 39 aircraft.

By actively seeking experienced pilots, the company demonstrates its determination to enter the aviation market and compete on a global scale with other established carriers.

The launch of Riyadh Air is expected to have a positive impact on Saudi Arabia’s economy. In addition to creating thousands of job opportunities, the airline’s operations are anticipated to generate substantial revenue. This will contribute to the overall economic growth of the country and attract further investments.

The upcoming launch of the national airline not only provides exceptional career opportunities for pilots but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the aviation sector in Saudi Arabia. With its dedicated workforce, the airline is poised to make a positive impact on both the country’s economy and the global aviation landscape.

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