Short video app Chingari to lay off 20% of workforce

The short video app extends support to laid-off employees with severance pay, extended health coverage, and career assistance


Chingari, a short video streaming application in India, has announced plans to lay off 20 per cent of its employees in an organisational restructuring process.

Chingari, which shares a similar concept to Instagram and Snapchat, provides a platform for users to create and share short videos. It gained popularity when India banned all Chinese apps including TikTok in June 2020.

A spokesperson told Business Today that the company deeply regrets the layoffs due to organisational restructuring and expressed sympathy towards the affected employees and gratitude for their contribution.

The company plans to support its  laid-off employees by providing two months’ salary in a severance pay package. This temporary support aims to help them meet their urgent financial needs while they search for job opportunities.

Moreover, Chingari will extend its health insurance coverage scheme for three months to the affected employees.  This extended coverage ensures necessary medical support during this critical period.

Furthermore, the company will also assist the employees by counselling them to identify their skills, explore new opportunities and develop strategies to navigate the job market successfully.

Overall, Chingari is striving to ease the transition period for its laid-off employees by providing severance pay, extended health insurance coverage, and career support. This move shows the values of empathy and resilience of the company and its management.

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