Siemens partners with Infosys for an effective learning platform


Software company, Siemens, has opted for Infosys’ Wingspan to help enhance its digital transformation process. Wingspan is an open-source stack-based learning platform that offers a personalised, seamless, interactive and innovative learning experience to employees.

Siemens believes that it is essential for each of its employees to be able to access opportunities to upskill and reskill themselves. Wingspan is a cloud-first solution founded on open source technologies, which will allow employees to access content on the mobile too. This will, therefore, allow learners to learn anytime anywhere. The platform helps companies transform their talent faster by offering learners access to the best content obtained from various internal and external sources. Its assessments help students test their level of competency and also obtain certifications. This versatile learning solution will create an environment of continuous learning for workforces.

Infosys will help Siemens establish an efficient and highly effective, learning-experience platform, even while simplifying its existing learning technology ecosystem. Wingspan employs AI-powered search through concepts, such as topic spiders, navigators and personalised homepages so that the employees get to enjoy a personalised interface.

Industries that are currently enjoying the benefits of the Wingspan platform range from education, to pharma and financial services.

German multinational company, Siemens, has been known for its global presence, engineering excellence, commitment to innovation, quality and reliability for over 170 years.

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