S&P Global launches ‘People First 9.0’ for enhanced employee benefits

The policy offers some new extended benefits to all the employees to support employees' growth, engagement, and fulfilment


S&P Global has introduced its updated global benefits policy, called ‘People First 9.0’ that aims to prioritise the well-being of employees, including India. The company’s goal is to create a culture of inclusivity and belonging, and the policy reflects this by addressing various personal, professional, and social needs of S&P Global employees.

The policy is based on feedback from employees and offers a range of benefits, such as extending parental leave to 26 weeks, yearly health assessments, flexible paid time off, care leave, and other improvements that support employees’ lifestyles, schedules, compensation, families, and career development.

It also offers some new extended benefits to all the employees to support their growth, engagement, and fulfilment.

For instance, ensuring the salary of any employee who cannot work due to a chronic disease or serious illness for up to a year, and supporting nursing parents with milk shipping during business travel and providing hospital-grade Medela pumps in every office location.
The policy also offers menopause support, such as temperature-controlled rooms, flexible working, and unlimited paid leave to manage menopausal symptoms. Additionally, the company respects global time zones and employees’ schedules by avoiding Friday meetings.

Other benefits include continuing the five additional annual wellness days off, providing learning and digital tool adoption for development, and offering a global education support program in collaboration with Cornell and Emeritus for current and past employees.
Finally, the policy also promotes flexible and hybrid working options in all offices worldwide, including India.

Speaking on the roll out, Dimitra Manis, chief purpose officer of S&P Global, said, “Our People First ethos is also inherent in our values of discovery, partnership, and integrity; and personifying these values is core to how we accelerate progress.”

Nilam Patel, head- India operations at S&P Global added, “Our People First philosophy gives us a chance to understand the needs of our people and build an environment that gives them a chance to thrive and belong. This is our chance to give back to our employees and build a positive working environment that helps people bring their true selves to work.”
Additionally, the policy is said to benefit over 12,500 people in India by providing a supportive and empathetic work environment that allows them to thrive both personally and professionally.

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