Staff at Branch International to enjoy Mental Health Day Off

Called ‘Dolphin Day’, these ‘offs’ are timed with weekends so that employees can get enough time to rejuvenate


With an aim to create a better workplace by means of innovative policies, Branch International, has committed to nurture a safe, inclusive and productive work environment for its dedicated and efficient globally renowned team. The Company, which delivers world-class financial services to the mobile generation, has not only introduced new policies but modified the existing ones to make them even more effective and employee-friendly keeping in mind the new working conditions.

It has introduced the Mental Health Day Off, calling it the Dolphin Day. This leave will help employees clearly demarcate work hours/office and personal hours/friends and family time. These days will be timed such that they can be combined with weekends so that employees can get enough time to rejuvenate, relax and resume work with enhanced energy and positive thinking.

Its ‘Unlimited Leave Policy’ provides leaves as per the requirements of employees without questioning them about the need.

With the work-from-home culture gaining traction, the Company has decided to offer a ‘monthly data stipend’ and a ‘home office set-up stipend’ to help employees with the infrastructure costs of operating from home, and ensure comfortable working conditions.

Sucheta Mahapatra, Indian MD, Branch International, said, “The workforce of any firm is the core engine for growth. At Branch International, we want to set examples on work culture and employee benefits.”

Not ignoring the employee-engagement agenda, the Company has been regularly organising engagement activities, such as ‘lunch and learn about other departments’ for ice-breaking, happy hours, game nights, virtual lunches and more. Additionally, global events, such as Branch Olympics and Branch Anniversary Trivia have also been designed to boost engagement activities.

The Company has come with a unique and one-of-its-kind concept — BOLD Stipend — wherein employees are offered a chance to keep learning and upskilling. Short Branch Opportunities for Learning and Development, this stipend is a boon for employees committed to a lifelong, ongoing and ever-continuing learning process. It provides an annual stipend to employees to learn anything that will help them perform their jobs better, be it communication skills or technology-related courses or even official degrees and certifications.

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