Strike in Ludhiana; offices deserted

Ludhiana revenue officials protested alleged interference by MLA Dinesh Chadha in the tehsil office and accused a staff member of corruption


Ludhiana experienced a significant disruption in its administrative affairs as more than 250 employees from various categories, including class IV employees, clerks, junior assistants, senior assistants, and superintendent grade II, launched a two-day strike in support of the revenue officials. The strike was initiated on July 24, 2023, by the revenue officials in protest against alleged interference by Roopnagar MLA Dinesh Chadha in the tehsil office’s operations, coupled with accusations of corruption against a tehsil staff member.

The strike, which saw the deputy commissioner’s office deserted, left many individuals unable to carry out their essential tasks and seek necessary services. Expressing their solidarity with the revenue officials, the employees’ association declared an indefinite strike in all tehsil offices, except for tasks related to flood prevention.

The genesis of the strike lies in the allegations made by Roopnagar MLA Dinesh Chadha against a tehsil staff member, which the revenue officials perceived as unwarranted interference in their day-to-day affairs. In response, they decided to take a stand against such alleged political meddling that they believe undermines the integrity and efficiency of their work.

An employee at the DC office openly called on MLA Dinesh Chadha to issue a public apology for his alleged mistreatment of the staff at the Roopnagar tehsil office. The employee’s statement reflects the deep-seated grievances among the officials, who demand respect for their work and autonomy in handling administrative matters.

As the strike entered its second day, negotiations between the concerned parties were yet to yield any significant breakthrough. With the employees united in their cause, the situation remained tense, and the future functioning of the administrative offices in Ludhiana hung in uncertainty.

While the employees’ association vowed to continue their strike until their demands were met, the citizens of Ludhiana hoped for an amicable resolution that would restore normalcy to the city’s administrative affairs. As of now, the fate of this standoff remains uncertain, and the authorities are closely monitoring the developments to address the ongoing crisis.

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