Students form 37% of Swiggy’s part-time delivery partners

A survey by the food-delivery app revealed that a significant part of its delivery team comprises students with aspirations and responsibilities at home.


A recent survey by Swiggy revealed that a minimum of 37 per cent of its part-time delivery partners are students, who use their earnings to pay for their education. The survey also brought to light that about 29 per cent of the Company’s delivery partners have other full-time jobs too. They log into the app for four to eight hours a day for the extra income to support their families. About 20 per cent have another part-time job on the side.

Interestingly, while 29 per cent of the delivery partners are the main earning members of their families, about 28 per cent are actively saving money to buy a house or a car for themselves. There is also a small percentage of delivery partners who are responsible elder siblings in their respective families. This eight per cent wishes to save as much as possible of their earnings to be able to fund the weddings of their siblings.

About 10 per cent of the delivery partners are entrepreneurs, who deliver food for Swiggy to supplement the uncertain earnings from their business and thus reduce their own financial pressures.

These delivery partners look forward to growing within the Company. About 33 per cent of them hope to become fleet managers at Swiggy itself. About 20 per cent expect to become full-time and regular job holders, while about eight per cent wish to travel across the country.

As per the survey report, about 12 per cent of the delivery partners realised their financial independence when they were able to open a bank account for the very first time after joining Swiggy.

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