Telangana govt announces second round of PRC for govt employee salaries 

The government is also preparing to announce short-term positions in different departments. These roles will address immediate staffing needs or fulfill specific duties during transitional periods


The Telangana government is currently making preparations for the second round of the pay revision commission (PRC), which is a crucial step in studying and revising the salaries of government employees. This PRC is aimed at ensuring that the salaries and benefits of government workers are in line with the current economic conditions and take into account the rising costs of living.

Simultaneously, the government is also working on announcing short-term positions within various departments. These interim posts may be created to address immediate staffing needs or to fulfill specific roles during transitional periods.

Another area of focus is the government employees health scheme (EHS). Key decisions will be made regarding EHS, with a particular emphasis on framing comprehensive and stringent procedures for its effective implementation. The government recognises the importance of providing quality healthcare benefits to its employees and aims to streamline the process for seamless access to medical services.

In addition to the PRC and EHS, there is a significant announcement on the horizon concerning an increase in salary allowances for government employees. This decision aims to improve the financial well-being of the employees and motivate them to continue serving the public diligently.

Furthermore, the Telangana government is actively addressing the housing needs of its employees. Plans are in motion to provide better housing facilities and accommodation for government workers. This move seeks to enhance the living standards of employees and contribute to their overall job satisfaction.

The government remains committed to its workforce and aims to foster a supportive environment that empowers its employees to carry out their duties effectively and serve the people with dedication

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