Telangana to implement up to 75% pay cut for government employees

The chief minister and his cabinet will face pay cuts too.


As the country is grappling with severe disruption in every sector, the impact is huge in states, such as Telangana, owing to excessive financial burden. 

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, in a meeting held on March 30, announced major salary cuts, up to 75 per cent, for all the government employees, which also includes him and his cabinet ministers. 

The salaries of the Chief Minister, the cabinet ministers, MLAs and MLCs will be reduced by 75 per cent. While the All India Service Officers will get a 60 per cent cut in their salaries.

Along with other government employees, pension holders will also have to bear a minimum deduction of 50 per cent. 

However, there will only be a minimum deduction of 10 per cent in the salaries of class-IV employees and retired employees. 

Employees of several public-sector undertakings, institutions that have been receiving government grants, will also face a cut in their salaries.

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