Tesla denies allegations of threatening employees with termination

Employees had accused the automobile manufacturer of threatening to take away their jobs, if they failed to report for work.


After several Tesla employees alleged that the Company threatened to fire them for not returning to work, the electric car company has denied having issued any such threats.

In fact, on June 2, the Company announced in a blog post that it had not fired employees who chose to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic over safety concerns at the California factory.

In the post, the carmaker also claimed that after reopening the California factory, it renounced its attendance policy for several weeks and offered employees the flexibility to stay at home until they felt the situation had returned to normal.

Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla, had reopened the car plant on May 11, going against the rules of Alameda County. However, a week after reopening, Tesla received approval for resumption of operations from county officials.

In the past few days, several Tesla workers had mentioned that they had heard of COVID-19 cases among workers at the Fremont factory, but were not certain about the actual number of people infected.

Therefore, they had approached the health department to release the numbers and trace all those who may have come in contact with the infected workers rather than wait for Tesla to do so.

Meanwhile, Tesla seems to have achieved the target it had set for itself for the second quarter. Musk even sent out an e-mail congratulating his employees for their hard work during such challenging times!

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