Akash Institute implements AI-enabled employee assistance tool

MIRA, the AI-enabled tool answers the day-to-day queries of the 6500-strong workforce at Akash, 24x7


Akash Educational Services has introduced and installed an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled one-stop solution for its employees, called MIRA. The tool will help close to 6,500 employees at Akash obtain answers to simple queries and questions through a robust knowledge-management system which has been put in place.

MIRA has been integrated with the Company’s internal HRMS systems such as ADP, Workday, Oracles and SAP.

Not only is MIRA meant to answer the normal and general queries of employees, it is also designed to give clarifications to employees on several other things such as information regarding pay stubs and income tax.

This technology can answer queries through a simple text via relevant links, FAQs, videos and personalised knowledge-based articles.

The tool can respond to the employees at any hour of the day or night, 24×7. The AI tool will benefit all Akash employees by offering insights on medical aid, internal events, transfers and training programmes.

For better functioning, MIRA can be accessed through multiple devices such as mobile phones and laptops. It can also be used directly through MS Teams and WhatsApp or Google chats by scanning a screen.

“Tools and technology seldom come under the spotlight in discussions of employee experience, but in fact, they are a critical component of keeping them satisfied at work,” says Sachin Saxena, CHRO, Aakash Educational Services.

He goes on to explain, “With automation having such clear benefits in ease of access to information, convenience in making queries or requests, and most importantly, speed in getting the queries resolved, it is for this very reason that we have introduced MIRA for our employees.”

For an employee, MIRA will help replace day-to-day e-mails and other applications. Through this service, employees can explore policies, new company guidelines, create HR-related requests and track them to closure.

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