Union Bank of India launches ‘EmpowerHim,’ a men-focused committee

The Bank also launched ‘EmpowerHer’ in July 2022, as part of the HR transformation programme called ‘Prerna’. 


Union Bank of India has launched a men-focused committee called ‘EmpowerHim’, which will help the employees in growing their career trajectory and improving diversity in the organisation. It will focus on handling some of the diversity challenges on an individual basis as well as at the group level.

The HR initiative is part of the company’s HR transformation programme, called ‘Prerna’. Earlier, in July, the Committee also launched ‘EmpowerHer’, a women- focused employees’ committee.

The HR-transformation programme, ‘Prerna’, aims at enhancing productivity through digitalisation of processes, employee-centric interventions and learning revolution within the banking space, as per the official release.

‘EmpowerHim’ is launched by Manimekhalai, MD&CEO, Union Bank of India. At the launch event, Manimekhalai touched upon certain points on the importance of having dedicated committees to promote and counsel for career growth of each and every individual.

She motivated and encouraged committee members to think of ways that could further grow their employer brand in the industry and help improve diversity across all roles. She gave personal instances to inspire the members to serve as a wave of positive change that sweeps across the Bank.

The event was attended by senior management members with more than 60 EmpowerHim committee members across the country. Rajneesh Karnatak, executive director, Lal Singh, chief general manager (HR), and G N Das, general manager (HR) also attended the event.

The senior leadership team encouraged committee members to work upon some of the inclusion and diversity challenges at the local level and work upon some of the existing pain points.

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