Users facing difficulties updating nominee details on EPF portal

People are worried since the last date to update the details is December 31, 2021


The last date to update and add nominees to one’s Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account is December 31, 2021. However, many users and account holders are finding it difficult to add nominees to their account. Several users have posted on Twitter that when they try to add nominees to their EPF account, an error shows up and the system asks the users to try again later.

Jala Rachiya, one of the account holders, writes on Twitter that he tried updating his nominee details in the EPF account but the system shows that there was an error in fetching the details and asks the user to try again later.

Infact, some users have been trying to update their nominee details for the past two to three days, but have not seen any success till now. Another user, named Sanjay, tweets that he has been trying to update his nominee details in vain. Yet another user, Dedhphool, tweets that he has been trying for three days but has met with no success. “If the system does not let you add the nominees, then how do you expect people to complete this task by December 31?” he asks.

As per the new norms issued by the EPFO (Employee Provident Fund organisation) all account holders will have to update or add their family members as nominees, who will be entitled to receive all the benefits in case of the sudden death of the holder. If the nominee details are not updated by December 31, the holder will not be able to receive any benefits in terms insurance money or pension from EPFO.

Since many users are facing a glitch in doing the same, they are worried about losing out on their benefits.

Many people who have been employed in India have registered with the EPFO under which, a certain amount of their salary is deducted and deposited in the account along with some contribution from the employer, which is also added to their EPF account. After retirement, all account holders are entitled to pension benefits and insurance money.


  1. even I am also facing the same problem while adding e-nominee in my pf account. N/A pop shown while updating e-nominee details.

    Please let me knw the solution.


  2. I am still facing the same issue.. its almost 2 weeks.. and cannot proceed with any activity… Is even anyone working on resolution?

  3. I am trying to add nominee since august 2021, and never get added under Nomination history table even after clicking Save EPS Nominations.
    I have tried this from different browsers (1st tried on recommended one Mozilla with resolution 1920), at different time, but still no luck.

  4. hi iam facing an problem i am uploading my nominee details its njust saved but its not shows e sign option please tell me whats the problem

  5. I am facing problem while esigning, everything match as per aadhar card of uan holder but it is not accepting it and shows an error “name, dob, aadhar number mismatch”

    • Hi Anuj, were you able to update? I am facing the same error, Please advise if you were able to update the details successfully. Thank you

      • Almost a month still this issue persists shows an error “name, dob, aadhar number mismatch”
        are you able to update nominee?

  6. I am facing issue saving the nominee details since 4 days and have tried more than 14 times and the page still goes LOADING and never saves.
    it seems that it a new technique to delay the process for people to get their own money back when they need it or somehow making it impossible to get their own money.
    It is a government website and it feels sad that our country website acts like this or designed to act like this.

  7. i am facing same problem, while saving e-nominee details in epf ‘ error while saving epf details, please try after sometime” since one one month i am facing problem.

  8. i want to re update my nominee but i can not get the account number inserting box in e nomination as the account number is not updated before.

    pl.s provide the solution.

  9. hi I am facing a problem when I am uploading my nominee details it’s just saved but it does not show e sign option please tell me what the problem

  10. I have been trying to add my wife’s name as an e-nominee for many days. After trying several times,
    luckily the site opens, and after adding all the details, it is not getting saved.

  11. I am also facing problem, update everything click submit option after put the Aadhar OTP , shows “signatory DATA mismatch” please advise

  12. Error Code: EPFO-100 Error: I/O error on POST request for “”:Connection reset; nested exception is Connection reset

    getting this issue while trying to save family details. trying at midnight.

  13. Facing this issue, unable to add familyError Code: EPFO-100 Error: I/O error on POST request for “”:Connection refused; nested exception is Connection refused

  14. I have tried to fill details like 20 times now in 2 days. Each time it shows following error

    Error Code: EPFO-100 Error: I/O error on POST request for “”:Connection refused; nested exception is Connection refused

    Anyone having any luck to solve plz comment/reply.

  15. I am also facing the same issue while changing the EPF nominee, please tell upto which date the problem will be eliminated . As I am not able to view my passbook from last few days, the portal notifying that the passbook will view only after E- nomination done successfully.

  16. I am also facing that issues since 3 weeks and i already uploaded details of nomiante but it saved problem and alots issues created last week and also umang app not working properly yet plz that kind off issued resolved as soon as possbile

  17. Hi am rajesh, the nominee details are not getting saved when i click the button called “save family details” .

  18. Error Code: EPFO-100 Error: I/O error on POST request for “”:Connection reset; nested exception is Connection reset

    Dear government, can you fix this for your people first

  19. I am also getting Error Code: E-09 Error: No ‘’ location specified and Error Code: EPFO-100 Error: I/O error on POST request for “”:Connection reset; nested exception is Connection reset

  20. Not able to update so far nominee details due to PAN and ADHAR name issue. Recently, got to know that name details is having issue with swap where I tried to update it through online but my employer has accepted my request but it is pending from Gov side to accept the same. Got message “Your request to change Name/DOB/Gender in Unified Portal is approved by Employer and pending at field office.”

    Not able to understand how to resolve it.

    Thank you for your help.

  21. Who are facing nomination updating issues in UAN-EPFO website, try using Microsoft edge/internet explorer browser instead of chrome/firefox. I was able to update nominee details using Microsoft edge browser.

  22. I am trying to update e-nominee at, aploaded nominee’s photograph and all details but while clicking on ” save family details” , no action taking place. I am trying it since 4/5 days but no result and no error also displayed. Can get help?

  23. The help line number is not being answered. I just cannot enter district for the nominee’s address and when i try to save EPF Details, it says enter district. The cursor doesn’t show over the district space provided.

  24. Error Code: EPFO-100 Error: I/O error on POST request for “”:Connection refused; nested exception is Connection refused… HOW TO RESOLVE THIS PROBLEM

    • Hey have you found the solution … I am also facing same issue … If you got the solution to resolve do share with me with email “”
      Thank you

  25. I am also getting this error “Error Code: E-09 Error: No ‘’ location specified”. This is so frustrating, why cant government agencies hire good tech team, they spend do much on agencies which are of no use.

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