VMware ‘rebalances’ workforce, lays off 200 employees

The software company had already laid off 200 employees as part of a similar exercise earlier in January this year.


While layoffs are resorted to as part of cost-cutting measures by most organisations, there are also companies that lay off their employees as part of a restructuring process in order to drive growth. Network and security solutions company, VMware, is the latest to sack 200 employees in India as a part of a workforce ‘rebalancing’ exercise.

Considering that VMware acquired several companies, including Datruim, Blue Medora, Fastline, Octarine and Nyansa this year, these layoffs appear quite unexpected. Last year, VMware invested billions bought over eight companies — Avi Networks, Aetherpal, BitFusion, Bitnami, Intrinsic, Pivotal Software, Uhana, VeriFlow. Its most talked about purchase was that of Carbon Black, at a whopping $2.6 billion. Just a few weeks ago, Dell Technologies, which has a majority stake in the Company laid of an undisclosed number of staff members.

The Company, which is based in Palto Alto, California, has claimed this to be a part of a regular workforce rebalancing to ensure that resources across VMware’s global businesses and geographies are aligned with strategic objectives and customer needs.

The company has confirmed it to TOI.

As part of a similar exercise earlier, in January this year, the software company had laid off 200 employees in India.

However, the Company has an active programme to ensure that the laid off employees get work within or outside of the organisation.

Given the ongoing economic uncertainty, the Company also took additional steps to support these employees and their families through the transition.

As far as hiring is concerned, the Company continues to recruit in areas of strategic importance.  VMware has close to 7000 employees in India and approximately 24,000 people across the globe.

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