Amazon offers part-time jobs to students, homemakers and retired people

Amazon Flex will help the Company meet its goal of timely and reliable delivery, while offering part-time job opportunities to thousands.


In a unique strategy, Amazon India will now involve students, homemakers and retired professionals to help make timely deliveries. In doing so, the Company will not only succeed in offering part-time and flexible job opportunities, but will also be able to ensure reliable and fast deliveries.

Amazon is already known to deliver in a single day, with Prime, and now even in two hours, with its Prime Now facility. With the new Amazon Flex initiative in place, it will be giving an opportunity to thousands to earn during their free time.

Housewives, students and even pensioners can now work for just about four hours a day and earn anywhere between ?120 and 140 per hour delivering packages. The remuneration will be paid to these ‘part-time delivery partners’ every Wednesday.

The Company tested out the programme for two weeks before formally launching it in Bengalure, Mumbai and Delhi. Amazon Flex is already working successfully in North America, Germany, Spain, Japan, Singapore and the UK, helping the Company increase its delivery capacity and also ensure speedy delivery.

Having to compete with malls, Amazon realises that speedy and reliable delivery is of utmost importance if it is to have a competitive edge. The Company offers almost 170 million products from over 400,000 vendors in India.

During peak seasons, especially festivals, Amazon Flex can help the Company ensure speedy and reliable service. The Company has already put in about five billion dollars to improve its infrastructure and also innovate and bring in new technology in India.


  1. Hi sir I have work at home ,iam house maker,iam studied +2 lknow telugu ,tamil, cont speck English very well I now little bit I don’t want data entry jobs,other

  2. I am a Mechanical Engineer, MBA(Marketing) residing in Mysore (Retired) and would like to take up any markting coordination job, working from home.

  3. I am a House maker, fresher in this industry but if you will allow me to take this opportunity I think I can showcase my ability and skills with the help of your company.
    I know that I don’t have much experience when it comes to this position but I was once a competetive student so I consider myself to put my confidence and create the best of me while achieving goals to help the company to its success

  4. Hii sir my name is B.Nagamalleswari my graduation msc complete fresher,pls any job work from home best skills headworkingsir.i pramiss help the company to its successful.

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