India-Japan MOC for partnership in ‘Specified Skilled Workers’ category

This will formally put in place an institutional mechanism for collaboration between the two countries for sending and accepting skilled Indian workers — post qualification of certain tests — to work in 14 specified sectors in Japan


A Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) has been signed by the Government of India and the Government of Japan, to facilitate movement and approval of skilled workers from India to Japan, to work in 14 specific sectors.

The objective is to implement a Joint Working Group to work towards encouraging and facilitating collaboration, affiliation and interpersonal contacts between the two nations following a thorough institutional structure.

The Joint Working Group will have the responsibility to enable movement and approval of skilled workers, in a unidirectional manner, from India to Japan. The skilled individuals must fulfil the prerequisites of qualifying a test on the required skill and a Japanese Language Test. Once they clear these tests, they will be recruited in one of the fourteen specified sectors in Japan.

Following specific parameters and criteria, these workers will be issued permission to reside in Japan as a ‘specified skilled workers’. This is a great opportunity for Indians to obtain employment in Japan. Those with skills in the areas of nursing care and skills pertaining to the food service industry, building cleaning, lodging, aviation, construction, ship building, material processing industry, industrial machinery manufacturing industry, electric and electronic info-related industry, automobile industry, agriculture, fisheries, as well as food and beverages manufacturing Industry.

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