Uttar Pradesh Police issues strict directions to rank up women’s safety

New measures, including CCTVs and Pink Booths, are being considered to improve security.

Uttar Pradesh Police issues strict directions to rank up women’s safety

In a recent development, the state police department of Uttar Pradesh has issued strict directions to commercial establishments to provide pick and drop facility for women late at night.

The move came after an incident wherein the Superintendent of Police, Hardoi, came across a hotel employee walking alone at night after work. After making enquiries, he walked her back to the hotel and confronted her employers on their lack of concern for women’s safety.

The Director General of Police, O.P. Singh said that it was the duty of the employers to ensure that their female staff members, who work late or after regular hours, are taken care of and dropped home safely.

The DGP said that a meeting will be conducted with commercial establishments in each district to ensure they are made aware of the importance of women’s safety. Further, the state police departments of all 75 districts have been asked to issue strict directions to commercial establishments, where women are employed in large numbers.

Having continually scored low on women’s safety, Uttar Pradesh is adopting new measures to improve security. Additional Directorate General, Anju Gupta has approved of the decision to carry out a ‘Safe City’ project in Lucknow.

In addition to CCTVs, easily accessible Pink Booths where women can lodge complaints, as well as pink patrol bikes driven by women officers are some of the measures being considered. The police department has decided to use the Nirbhaya Fund to implement the project within the next six months.

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