‘Thank You’ bonus of $500 million to Amazon’s front-line workers

This one-time bonus will be given to the Company’s warehouse, delivery, Whole Foods workers, and certain Flex drivers also, who worked during the pandemic


The management of Amazon has decided to show its appreciation for its front-line workers by giving them a one-time ‘Thank You’ bonus. This is the Company’s way of expressing its gratitude towards its employees who stood by it through the entire month of June. The American multinational company will spend about $500 million on this bonus payout.

The bonus has been announced at a time when Amazon is being closely watched by  US lawmakers to see whether its employees are being treated well. Recently, many employees had complained of the unsafe and less than satisfactory conditions  in which employees worked at Amazon, and the alarming number of COVID cases amongst the workforce.

The management will be paying out bonuses according to various job categories. The full-time employees of Amazon, Amazon-owned Whole Foods, as well as the drivers working for the delivery service partners will get $500, while the part-time workers and drivers will get $250.

Amazon and Whole Foods store managers will get $1,000, while delivery services partner owners, helping in packaging for the customers, will be getting $3,000. Drivers for Amazon Flex who have worked for over 10 hours in June will get $150.

It is reported that Amazon has done away with the $2 hourly wage double overtime pay for frontline workers at the end of May.

Amazon has been experiencing a surge in business ever since the government has permitted them to deliver essential goods and items to customers. The number of people ordering groceries and essentials online, from the safety of their homes, has spiked of late.

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