Author: Vinay Kanchan


Vinay Kanchan is a bestselling author, brand storyteller and innovation catalyst. His books include ‘Sportivity’, ‘Lessons from the Playground’ &’The Madness Starts at 9’. He can also be followed at his YouTube Channel. You can contact him at

The resumption of the Champions League came as a breath of fresh amidst the pandemic. The shortened format of the competition coupled with games coming in thick and fast, provided for a shot of much-needed adrenaline to many who were feeling listless. However, beyond the wonderful skills, pulsating goals and unusual spectacle of matches conducted in empty stadiums, there were also very pertinent insights kindled, when it comes to the domain of leadership. Football often provides a great stage to see a leader in action. The results are there for all to witness. The learning process is perhaps far more…

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Most of the literature and videos online around the subject ‘interviews’, tend to overwhelmingly dwell on what candidates should do in terms of making the best possible impression. That is probably fair, considering the number of people applying for an interview significantly outnumber those conducting it. However, this also seems to assume, the onus of this extremely important interaction lies entirely on one side. There is very little, often uninspired talk, around how interviewers need to conduct themselves to deliver the ideal outcomes. The people entrusted with this responsibility, frequently stroll into the room rather grudgingly, and instantly switch into the…

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