Intel India extends health benefits to domestic partners of employees

The domestic partners, be it same sex or opposite sex, will be covered by the Company’s hospitalisation insurance and outpatient policies. They can also be registered as nominees or beneficiaries for various insurance policies.


Intel India has shown its commitment to the diversity and inclusion agenda, by extending healthcare benefits to the domestic partners of its employees, whether same sex or opposite sex. The staff members can now enrol their spouses in the hospitalisation insurance policy and also avail benefits of the employee’s outpatient policy for them. That is not all, taking yet another step towards making the workplace more inclusive, Intel India has allowed its employees to nominate their domestic partners, irrespective of gender, as nominees or beneficiaries for term life and personal accident insurance policies.

Hormone therapy, surgical interventions and psychiatric consultation/medication and other procedures pertaining to gender reassignment will also be covered. Intel’s outpatient policy already includes psychiatric consultation/medication as well as the employee-assistance programme, which offers free counselling to staff and and their families.

The technology company believes in responding to the changing requirements of a workforce that is growing more diverse with time. The Company has always worked towards establishing an open culture at the workplace, which accepts and encourages diversity in every way, not just in terms of gender.

The improved benefits now cover mental health issues where hospitalisation may be required, and all disorders related to stress, anxiety, and other psychiatric, psychosomatic and developmental conditions.

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